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I was one of two developers hired to completely re-write Drunk Mode, a social networking iOS app with tens of thousands of users, currently #3 in the App Store for Health and Fitness. Our goal was to preserve the existing app’s UX while developing a properly engineered codebase that could accommodate new and improved features. I was responsible for developing the user registration, authentication and profile management features. In addition, I implemented the ‘Find Friends from Contacts’ feature, which involved integrating with the phone’s Address Book. I worked extensively with the Parse and Facebook SDKs  and wrote all of the app’s custom Parse Cloud code.


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Stop Drunk Dialing

Hides select phone contacts when you want to get drunk so you cannot drunk call these selected friends for up to 12 hours


Shows you where you went last night and share them on Twitter, Facebook, or via text

Find My Drunk

Allows you to track your drunk friends via GPS so you don’t lose them when you are out partying

Find A Safe Ride Home

Find a ride home or walking directions to your friends locations